MOODTOWN Cooperation Network – Creative Pool

Welcome to our Talent-Network section with the intention to publish music and media productions as well as merging talent’s specific skills like producers, vocalists and remixers.

MOODTOWN online just entered the stage (August 2013) – so it’s your chance to join as one of the first artists being part of this upcoming planet.

MOODTOWN is the place where music & media production were grown to call up the good mood.

Please note these 3 simple articles for a fair cooperation:

I. Please make sure, that any material you send us is free of royalty, licenses and any charge - by sending in your material, you accept and guarantee this. If you defy these obligations, any consequences will be to your responsibility and on your charge.

II. For sure: You will still be the owner of rights to your work you sent in unless we commit in something different (i.e. signing to MOODTOWN, release/ publish with shared rights or you wish your material being used in our creative-pool by other artists in future works).

III. These services are basically free of costs for you. We may cooperate if we see a potential signing or publishing of your work via MOODTOWN. In this case, we will offer you details for our cooperation before we use your material. No risk at all: If in exceptional cases costs may incur, you will always receive an offer first, which you can deny (so no cost for you at all) or accept (costs according to your order/ our offer).

Composers & Producers

Got a ready track in place?

Just send it in (please use mp3-format – you may add a download-link for your track-version, mastered @ 44,1khz 16bit audio). Don’t worry: We always respect your work- even if we might conclude that it is not fitting in our scope of music and decide to not use it.

Also a Demo that gives a solid impression of your work but may need a “finishing” or mastering is welcome - don’t hesitate to send it in, if you are truly convinced of your work.

You’ve just produced your new song, but you’re still looking for a vocalist to let your track burn the club?

Send us your quality demo(s) and a brief description about the intended final shape of your song. If you already have text/ phrases, just send it in with description (chorus, verse) - if not, we may fix it.


You are a talented singer, rapper, beatboxer,..? There’s nothing more convincing than listening to your voice. Just send in your expressive records/ takes. We check out if we may combine it with songs in our pool. In this case, we will contact you for possible recording-sessions (online or studio).


Even dancefloor-music lives it’s shine by catchy phrases and stories. You got ready concepts in place and you wish it to be used rather than dying in your drawer? Just send your letters and let them contribute to a new meaning.

DJs & Remixers

You offer to boost tracks with potential to an upper sphere? Just register in our Creative Pool, by sending in references of your former and current work (by sending in files or links).


You’re skilled in video-production, recording, cutting, animating, mixing, designing or arranging video and media-content, you’re flash-designing or VJ-ing? You would like to post your work or want your production to be used by an artist who released a new song but has no music-video so far? Just get into contact with us by sending in your expressive sequences – we’ll try to merge maverick stuff from all creative parts to a trailblazing final score. As media-files most likely are memory-consuming you may also send links where we can evaluate your work.

In any case: If you already have an artist-bio or discography in place, attached to your email. If we believe in your work, you might be published with photo and examples of your work in our Creative Pool Talent.

And here’s your next step, way up: request (at)

(Please do not exceed 10mb per mail as your request might be rejected by email-system. Use mp3-format for audio-files, pictures preferably in jpg-format)